In the world of instant messages and responses, emails have managed to hold their own and maintain their position as one of the most important forms of professional communication. While free Email Services like Yahoo, Gmail, etc. are a good option for individuals, businesses need a business Email Hosting service. Today, we will talk about Professional Email Hosting and the benefits it offers.

A professional email ID has the domain of your business and not a free email provider. So, your email address will read as instead of or, etc. Imagine sending an email to a business associate from a Gmail/Yahoo email address as opposed to a professional email address. The business email has a better chance of establishing brand identity and business credibility as opposed to a free email ID.

Professional Email Hosting

Many large companies have in-house Email Hosting service where their IT teams run and manage the email server. However, for medium and small enterprises, this is not a feasible option. However, they have the option of opting for professional Email Hosting and establish the brand’s identity via email communications too. Here are some benefits of professional Email Hosting:

  1. Adds professionalism to your communications (internal and external)
    If a business sends a proposal to a prospect through a Yahoo or Gmail or any other free account, then the chances of making an impression reduce as it might come across as unprofessional to many people. However, a professional email ID looks more convincing and genuine.
  2. Builds and maintains trust
    When a customer or a prospect receives an email from an ID that has your domain name, he/she trusts the source of the email. On the other hand, considering the increasing number of email accounts being hacked, an email from a free provider is looked at suspiciously. Additionally, if you use a professional email ID, a prospect can immediately identify the URL of your website and make further inquiries into your products and/or services.
  3. Cost-efficient
    Most proponents of free Email Services cite cost as the distinguishing factor when they compare them with professional Email Services. There is a difference between cost and investment. A professional Email Hosting service is an investment that will generate returns in multiple ways. Also, these plans are not very costly, but the benefits they offer can easily outweigh the costs making them cost-efficient in many ways.
  4. Better storage
    Free Email Services offer limited storage space. This can be a problem for businesses that require sending large attachments as a part of the process. With professional Email Hosting, you can choose the amount of storage you want to provide to each type of user and optimize your resources.
  5. Advanced features
    Professional Email Service will offer a wide range of features that free Email Services won’t. For example, you can personalize your email to match your domain name, seamlessly sync your email across all devices using IMAP, POP3, and Webmail, secure your emails with your own digital certificate, etc.

Summing Up

Professional Email Hosting is critical for businesses of all sizes. Even startups need to ensure that their email ID looks professional so that they can create trust around the brand and an image of being professional. If you have been using free Email Services, then maybe it’s time to reconsider migrating to a professional one.