What is NAS?

NAS stands for network storage server. With the advancement in smartphone technology and better cameras and other multimedia devices, the storage capacity has become less. You can save the external hard drive, but it lost as soon as you disconnect. This is where NA S comes allowing you to save your data online, allowing you to access from anywhere and any device provided you have an internet connection. NAS is basically hard drives in a box connected to a router. The technical features if NAS includes memory, a processor, and sufficiently robust network capacity.

Characteristics of NAS:

Following are the main reasons which push you to buy NAS are:

  1. Increased Storage Space: The local storage capacity is shrinking, just like our computers. NAS has the advantage of increased storage space. It is a pocket-friendly way adding additional hard drives instead of investing in new equipment.
  2. Storage Capacity: The storage capacity of NAS is up to your choice, which is determined by the number of bays in the box. Consumer models have 1 or 2 bays while professional models have 4 or more bays. In general, four bay is enough for home, 10 TO for small businesses and hundred terabytes for a large enterprise.
  3. With or Without Hard Disk: NAS comes in both forms, with or without hard disk. A built-in hard disk is expensive but easier to install. To select between the two is very important and so should be made cleverly according to your need.
  4. Connectivity and Simplified Data Exchange: NAS boxes exchange data through a LAN or Wi-Fi network. A NAS sets up a centralized storage network which increases the storage capacity of a computer allowing the user to access at any time.


Some of its advantages are:

  • Private Cloud: NAS works like a cloud without the fear throat any third party could recover data.
  • Automated Black-ups: Not only automatic back-up can be made, but it can also be set to multiple back-ups without any effort.
  • Data Protection: All the data can be put on a network drive without any fear of hardware damage.
  • Creating Your Own Media Server: integrated multimedia server can be found in some NAS. Many cases can be overcome by installing the software.


Transferring large files and accessing them remotely, NAS has many useful features. It can also set FTP and print server. Acheter un nas and enjoy unlimited storage space.

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