There are places where people used to feel safe, but the safety is dwindling with each passing year. Some are looking for solutions to this problem in particular spaces. The importance of school safety is more urgent now than ever before, with the lack of experience in emergency situations the staff ends up feeling their way through these circumstances. The safety of the nation’s children is at the forefront of everyone’s priorities, yet nobody knows how to effectively accomplish this in the event of a crisis.

Covering All Of Our Bases

The same is true for government employees, churches, and other organizations. The rise in terrorism and disgruntled employees, or just the average criminal looking for trouble. As the population increases, the crime rate rises among other contributing factors. The traditional alarm systems are somewhat effective, but only if they are armed and triggered. This poses several areas of vulnerability, and potential for failures within the system. For example, you wouldn’t expect an alarm to be set during normal business hours, or it would be triggered each time the door opened.

The Solution Is Technological Advancement

One effective solution is offered at The real time monitor that can be manually triggered in the event of an emergency. The device can be programmed with descriptive terms to notify the authorities about the details of the crisis, they offer specific functions for alerting the proper authorities on such matters as fire, medical anomalies, or unauthorized entry. This creative emergency notification system is a fully integrated device that allows a hub in each classroom or office and can be customized to the needs of the business.

Restoring The Feeling Of Safety

The continued debate over arming teachers, hiring armed guards, and positioning police officers in schools will never please 100% of the public. There will always be opposing opinions, and tragedies will happen. Reducing the need for such arguments will truly improve the rhetoric between parents and faculty, if there is a sufficient system in place that protects the innocent. A panic button that confirms the need for immediate response in chaotic situations gives the responding team ample information prior to entering the area.

Benefitting More Than Many Imagined

The need for such implemented devices remains true in many businesses, the demand for discreet ways to alert of impending danger without broadcasting it to the intruder in the form of a ‘panic button’ of sorts can potentially save countless tragedies from happening. This sort of device can be implemented into healthcare facilities, post offices, county and federal buildings, private companies, and even homes. With the technology offered in this device integrates into current platforms which eliminates the need to login to several programs or devices. The ability to avoid accidental button presses, the available template messages, and customized capabilities increases the diverse areas of application possibilities. The level of protection is tailored to fit the needs of the consumer, with service tiers at many levels of function.

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