Finding a good web hosting company can increase the productivity of your business. This is because a website is one of the key resources of a modern company. Website can be used for advertising, customer service and sales. With the right web hosting service provider, you can maintain the speed and functionality of your website. There are many companies that provide web hosting offers. However, there are some points to consider when identifying the right host for you.

What should I look for when buying a domain and web hosting?

The first thing that can occur to you is to look for a cheap hosting with unlimited resources.

The term “unlimited resources” is one of the most used sales term by web hosting providers. However, it is always a half truth. That is why you hardly find the term “unlimited resources” in any Virtual private servers (VPS) plan. Logically, if VPS better than “unlimited shared hosting” and it costs more, why VPS does not provide unlimited resources as well?

In this sense, the landing page of hosting providers usually talk about disk space, number of MySQL databases, unlimited subdomains, email accounts, etc.

However, they do not usually mention things like CPU capacity per user, available memory, supported parallel PHP processes, PHP version, type of disks used and acceptable monthly transfer capacity, or bandwidth.

It’s not about finding cheap and unlimited web hosting, but about buying the hosting service tailored to your needs at a reasonable price.

That is why it is interesting to have the opportunity to be able to test the quality of the services offered when buying hosting.

Here are other points to consider when finding a website hosting company

  • Bandwidth: Most hosting companies claim that their bandwidth is unlimited. However, this must be supported by customer testimonials just to make sure their quality.
  • Storage capacity: cheap website hosting accounts will allocate specific disk space to your website. Others may offer unlimited storage, so check for a good deal.
  • Email accounts: Do they provide the feature to let your setup an email accounts with the domain name? It makes your business looks more professional.
  • Unlimited domains: it is essential feature you will need if someday you want to have multiple website hosted.
  • Data security: this is a crucial factor to consider. The company must be able to demonstrate how they will protect your data through backups and appropriate equipment.
  • Guaranteed uptime: companies that offer a money back guarantee for the uptime of their services are a good option to host your website.
  • Website creation software: some web hosting companies offer free applications that we create with their packages, which save you additional costs.
  • Customer support: to ensure that your website always running properly throughout the day, opt for a host that has responsive 24/7 customer support

The importance of technical Support

One of the most essential things to consider in choosing web hosting service is their technical support. Why? Sooner or later, you will need a technical support team to help you with doubts and technical problems.

A typical example would be things like linking a domain that you have purchased from another provider with your server. That kind of thing, although simple to do, usually outperforms customers who don’t have a certain technical skill. In this case, the support team can help you or even directly configure it.

Something to keep in mind are the limits of the support. If you have installed WordPress and a plugin fails your site, it is a WordPress problem, not hosting.

However, in Managed WordPress hosting India like HostingRaja support technicians will guide you to solve it.

Final Thoughts

These factors will guide you to find an affordable and good website hosting company. Comparing the ratings in the user forums will provide a good indication of the suitability of each potential company to host your website.

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