Point of sales from cannabis companies consist of a technology and service that was created under superior settings. The software is fully integrated to maintain 100% of accuracy from sales. In addition, there is customer verification, transaction limits that prevent exceeding state regulations, receipts and regular inventory audits.

Business perks the software offers are intended to help grow your business, streamline your operations, provide peace of mind and delight your customers. Customer service commands from these point of sale technologies feature customer management, registries, weigh station, and emergency mode which keeps lines moving even when you have lost internet connectivity. Further, the service provides customer loyalty programs, online menus for convenience and automated discounts such as happy hours. To help streamline operations, the software can be accessed anywhere, creates actionable reports, simple returns, inventory audits and employee management. Lastly, you are guaranteed peace of mind with a platform that just works; that is up all the time, requires minimal training for “budtenders” and provides support when you need it with the help of the most responsive support team.

Convenient and Conventional

The point of sale platform that was created in Oregon and operated by cannabis companies located there is praised for making it easier for medical marijuana companies to sell to patients. The company is only one of many active vendors in various states across the United States. Other initiatives include cannabis-specific law practices, marketing agencies, and business consultants. They also build local relationships in advance of the medical marijuana industry. Finally, product sales are also the source of business high expectation.

Other Operational Necessities

In addition to a high-performing POS platform, cannabis businesses also need to comply with their state’s retail and medical marijuana programs that list the packaging and labeling laws required to operate and sell. The state approves all packages and labels and ensures that is it in no way appealing to children or minors.

Proper olcc marijuana packaging involves ensuring that every item is properly contained including proper exit packaging. In the state of Oregon, requirements are set by The Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Standard rules state that packages must child-resistant and must protect the product from contamination or exposure to dangerous toxins. The three types of packaging are created with a child’s safety in mind: resealable multi-use, single use and exit packaging which is a secondary package used after initial purchase.

Proper labeling guidelines are just as specified by the law as packaging. The Commission requires a visible display of the Oregon Universal Symbol for medical and recreational marijuana with a minimum size of 0.48 x 0.35”. Additionally, labels must include product name and category, laboratory name, testing batch number, testing date, easy legibility and net weight measured in U.S. measurements.

Small Packages

Other information that must be provided on small products include the product’s name, establishment name, registrant number, THC concentrations and medical warnings. The Commission has also published what is not allowed on labels such as claims of “gluten free” products, scientific research health claims, toy designs, children’s characters or cartoons. Effectively, the Commission wants to ensure safe operations by producing pertinent information on labels and apparent to legal adults only.

Background Information

Recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon for adults ages 21 and older. Retailers are limited to selling at any one or within one day: 1 oz. of usable marijuana, 5 grams of extracts or concentrates, 16 oz. of a product in solid form, 72 fluid oz. in liquid form, 10 marijuana seeds or 4 immature plants. Retail sale limits are set to encourage safe and effective use as well as the intended product’s use.

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