Today, almost every retail store utilizes digital signage to attract customers and play many other functions like showcasing daily offers, discounts, promotions, and other deals. Signage also comes in handy to pass information to customers, whether on health and safety matters or even showing directions. With the development of digital signage that is more interactive and personalized, retailers can even drive more business growth.

When a customer enters your retail store, your digital signage should be a prompt substitute for marketing. Here’s how you can use digital signage in-store to drive business growth.

Make announcements of special sales.

You can use digital signage in-store as an extension of your marketing campaigns. You can display sale announcements new product launches, promote sales and do more marketing through your digital signage in-store. Due to its digital character, it is a great addition to your digital marketing efforts.

Improve communication with customers

Customer experience is a key differentiator between online and offline stores. Thankfully physical stores have an opportunity to communicate directly with their customers whenever they visit the store. Digital signage in-store can share critical information, such as displaying exhaustive product catalogs to improve the shopping experience. In the age of social distancing, you can use digital signage to update customers on occupancy in various store areas so that they maintain social distancing.

As an interactive channel to support the brand

Digital signage in-store has evolved with the advancement of technologies, and it is even more interactive, offering a personalized experience. As a retailer, you can utilize interactive displays to engage consumers, for example, through social channels for recommendations. Also, you can deliver personalized promotional messages whenever customers provide information when interacting with the displays. A digital signage in-store that answers frequently asked questions can boost customer service and more interaction.

Raise brand awareness

As a retailer, you have to tell your story repeatedly until customers can relate and identify with it. You can use digital signage to communicate the brand story and identity to your customers. When interested customers listen to your story, you have gone a step higher in raising brand awareness.

Educate customers

Another way to use digital signage in-store to your advantage is to run engaging videos that inform customers about your products and how to use them. You can answer questions as your customers shop, educating them more, making you stand out from the rest in the industry.

Transform passersby into customers

The role of digital signage in-store is to attract customers and passersby to your store so that they explore the products you are selling. You can quickly turn passersby into customers by displaying engaging videos and images, but the display must be fascinating enough to compel them to enter the store.

The bottom line

You can use digital signage in your store to educate customers, announce product launches special sales, showcase offers, market your brand and increase your revenue. By showcasing engaging content, you can transform passersby into prospective customers.

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