Technology seems to be the most important aspect of our society, and that is because it can’t be any other way. The reason a country is more powerful or wealthy than another is because of the intelligence of its professional workforce which includes engineers, scientists, doctors, futurist, and other professions. The collective projects of these groups of individuals are what provide a nation with its advanced weaponry as well as advancements in treating diseases, new methods for conducting successful business, and the breakthroughs that are needed to reach higher planes of consciousness and understanding, which all include some type of data profiling. For that reason, in this article we will be discussing the topic of technology and how it will continue to evolve in the future.

By definition, technology is a broad term. It is simply the use of any type of scientific information in order to achieve a task or goal. Because the majority of people see technology as a few items like a smartphone or computer, they miss the whole point of technology. Animals have evolved their own kinds of technologies such as lighter bodies and wings to fly, or curved beaks to retract food from within tiny holes.

Humans, however, have taken technology to a whole new dimension where we are getting close to creating an intelligence far beyond our own. This is one of the biggest advancements in technology in the history of the world, but because the universe is so vast, we may already have this technology elsewhere, but not completely mastered and understood on earth. In the future we will have self-replicating and self-fixing robots that will take care of daunting and seemingly “unimportant” tasks. These robots will do things like clean the streets, do house-related chores, and even serve as emotional support to individuals. There will also be categories of artificial intelligence to do different, more specified jobs like surgeries and dentistry.

Because we already have tremendously massive machines, all they will need is an artificial intelligence algorithm to build truly immense and breath-taking structures. Maybe this is what created the great pyramid of Giza but remains hidden in history. Regardless, artificial intelligence is and will continue to be the biggest breakthrough in technology, until we see its true potential, and how it can either destroy humanity, or help us reach a higher level of advancement in civilization.

In conclusion in this article we discussed the topic of technology and how it will continue to amaze us for centuries to come. Of course, that is with the hope and understanding that the same technology that helps us will not end up destroying us as well. Artificial intelligence is THE technology with the biggest potential, but because we don’t completely understand how it works or where it exists, it is uncharted territory for those minds that seek to find breakthroughs. When we understand this technology, we will have a key to the universe and will finally achieve our next level of ascendance into a superior race.

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